Abby McCormick
Owner/Head Coach

Abby McCormick

Have you ever wondered what you are truly capable of? I think of this question almost every single day; I believe fitness is the medium that allows us to tap into the unseen potential of our lives and gives us the ability to live a fuller, more satisfied life. I have experienced this for myself for years; I have a passion for sharing my experience and a desire to add value to the lives of others through fitness. I have chosen to pursue a career in Individual Fitness Coaching because I want to provide successful strategies for those around me to reach THEIR potential and live a rewarding life. For me, being able to provide a place where the coaches, the owner AND the clients win is where fulfillment lies; this is why I started OPEX Bethel Park.

Throughout my years participating in sport I learned how to be persistent, succeed, fail, work hard, be resilient, lead a team, remain determined and struggle; all of these experiences have shaped me and given me to ability to become who I am today. I found that I feel the most fulfilled and aligned when I am working on myself in order to add to the lives of those around me.

I believe that all humans possess the ability to TRULY change their lives by consciously making the decisions to do so. We have the opportunity to decide who we will be, how we will act, and what we will do every single day; gaining an understanding for how innately powerful we are and how this can change our lives is where my journey began in finding who I truly am and what success looks like for me.

OPEX® Level 1 Coach

B.S. Exercise Science

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