Brian Walters - 2.5 Years with OPEX
OPEX Bethel Park client

Brian Walters - 2.5 Years with OPEX

I needed to make a change in my exercising routine and overall lifestyle.  I had been doing CrossFit for over 4 years and I had effectively plateaued, having lost interest in the regime and combating multiple nagging injuries. While I valued being part of a community, I found myself having a hard time motivating to attend early morning classes.  Further, I had gained too much weight.

As a result, I opted for individualized programming provided by Abby beginning in January of 2017.  Both Abby and the programming have been outstanding.  Abby’s workouts for me are 100% customized, varied, goal oriented and singularly-focused on improving my (many) weakness, while enhancing my (limited) strengths.  As a result, I’ve lost weight, healed from injuries and re-invigorated my interest in working-out.

Abby is responsive, thoughtful and enthusiastic.  I’m exceedingly grateful for Abby’s instruction, direction and motivation. I could not recommend Abby more favorably!

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