Jo Dermitt - 1.5 Years at OPEX
OPEX Bethel Park client

Jo Dermitt - 1.5 Years at OPEX

I initially came to OPEX after being a CrossFitter for about 4 years and had come to the realization that I wasn’t getting any younger. I love(d) CrossFit. However I knew that as I was getting older, I became more and more at risk for a serious injury doing daily CrossFit WODs. My coach and I have talked through so many things including my aerobic, weight training, dietary and even some personal goals. I often refer to Abby as the “Guru”. She actually listens to my concerns and adjusts my workouts accordingly. Her perspective on things have been such a breath of fresh air! Her maturity and professionalism are evident in everything she does.

The OPEX community that we have built at OPEX Bethel Park is better than I would have ever imagined. A big concern I had was that the sense of community of CrossFit would be lost at this gym. This is not the case. While the members may be doing different workouts, we are all there to assist and cheer each other on! There is no threat of direct comparison or tension over “scores” and the integrity of those scores. Should someone cheat, they are ONLY cheating themselves because the workouts are solely to make YOU a BETTER YOU. OPEX keeps YOUR ultimate goal in mind! Which should be a better YOU, not to beat someone else.

Abby and OPEX have done that….made me a better me!


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