Melissa Shenal - 3 Years with OPEX
OPEX Bethel Park client

Melissa Shenal - 3 Years with OPEX

Working with Abby over the past 3 years has been an amazing experience.  I’ve had a fairly eventful three years, from struggling to get pregnant, to finally getting pregnant and suffering with hyperemesis, to welcoming a new baby, and finding a new balance of family, work, and fitness.  OPEX Bethel Park and Abby supported me through every phase, helping me to find the right balance every step of the way. After returning to the gym postpartum, Abby created workouts for me that helped me to regain my strength and gain greater body awareness.  I never felt discouraged by the fact that I wasn’t lifting my pre-pregnancy weights, or that I had lost some endurance along the way. Instead, we celebrated the incremental gains that I made, week after week upon returning to OPEX, and even the little things, like finding time to prep food, or even just making it to the gym.  Less than a year after giving birth, I was able to run a half-marathon! I can honestly say that I couldn’t have done that without the support of Abby and OPEX Bethel Park (and my husband, who you’ll find taking shifts with me at the gym to watch our little girl).

Through working with OPEX Bethel Park, I have learned to better manage my stress levels, particularly at work.  My work/life balance has improved drastically since I started with Abby, and I’m somehow managing to fit in workouts and meal prep, while still working a full time job and raising a happy little girl.

I love having a program tailored to my own personal goals and lifestyle, rather than forcing myself into a particular program with generalized goals that don’t necessarily match my own.  OPEX is more than just a workout plan, it helps me to live a better life both, in and out of the gym.

OPEX Bethel Park offers a well-rounded approach to fitness, and meets you where ever you are in life.  I love working out in an atmosphere with people from all different backgrounds and all different levels of athleticism.  We are able to motivate and support one another while still working toward our own separate goals.

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